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International Initiative to Promote Women’s rights to Social Security and Protection

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The Human Rights Approach to Social Protection by Magdalena Sepúlveda and Carly Nyst
Recent ILO recommendation June 14 2012


Thursday April 19, 2012

THEME 1: Current Situation: UN Perspectives

Speaker # 2: Prof Frances Raday (Hebrew University; former member of CEDAW committee; member of HRC Working Group on discrimination against women in law and practice), Israel

Title: CEDAW and the Right to Social Security

Speaker # 4: Dr. Magdalena SepĂşlveda Carmona (Independent Expert on the Question of Human Rights and Extreme Poverty), UN

Title: The Fight against extreme poverty in relation to women’s right to social security

THEME 2: Thinking outside the Box from a Feminist Perspective: a New Right to Social Security?

Speaker # 1: Dr Shahra Razavi (UNRISD)
Speaker # 2: Prof Judy Fudge (University of Victoria, Canada)
Speaker # 3: Prof Hester Lessard (University of Victoria, Canada)
Speaker # 4: Prof Mary Murphy (National University of Ireland)

Thursday April 26, 2012: DAY TWO

THEME 3: International and Regional Experiences: Gender and Social Security

DAY TWO: The scope and boundaries of an effective right to social security: the Experience of the Social Rights Committee of the European Council

Speaker # 1: Prof Maxine Molyneux (University of London)
Speaker # 2: Prof Francie Lund (University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa)

THEME 4: Looking for Feminist Principles in Framing Women’s Right to Social Security: Different world – Different perspectives?

Speaker # 1: Prof Dianne Otto (University of Melbourne), Australia
Speaker # 2: Mankui Li (Southwest University of Political Science and Law)
Speaker # 3: Priti Darooka (PWESCR)

The Role of Social Security in Realizing Human Rights

Is social security just about providing a minimum level of protection for the most vulnerable, or is it about creating universal systems of quality services that can support society as a whole? This video features differing perspectives on the contested concepts of social security and human rights.

In this video, participants give their perspectives on the barriers preventing the realization of human rights and suggest ways these can be overcome.

To close this series here are Prof Lucie Lamarche’s presentation notes for the XXst World Congress on Labor Law and Social Security which took place in Santiago, Chili, September 2012